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QECP Webinars


The QE 101 Webinar provides high-level information on CMS’ QE Program, and its certification arm, QECP. Topics covered include:   

  • The mission of the QE initiative;
  • An introduction to the QECP Team;
  • The eligibility criteria and program standards an organization must meet to become a QE;
  • The application process and technical assistance available to applicants and QEs through the QECP.
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This webinar provides an overview of Section 105 of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015 and its implications for QEs. Topics include:   

  • QECP statutory laws, regulations, and guidance;
  • New permissible uses of the QE Medicare data;
  • Contractually binding agreements;
  • Additional annual reporting requirements;
  • Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDRs) as Quasi QEs;
  • Violations of the CMS DUA or QE DUA for additional permissible uses of the QE data;
  • Next steps for QEs
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This webinar contains important information on data security requirements for organizations interested in becoming QEs. Topics covered in this webinar include:
  • QECP statutory laws, regulations, and guidance;
  • Overview of the QECP data security requirements, including:
  • Nature of the requirements
  • Important reference documents
  • Changes between CMS ARS version 1.5 and CMS ARS version 2.0
  • Overview of the QECP Data Security Workbook
  • Explanation of the importance of the QECP data security requirements
  • Description of the QECP data security review process
  • Description of the resources available to QEs
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This webinar provides an overview of the CMS Data Use Agreement (DUA) that Qualified Entities (QEs) must complete in order to receive the Medicare FFS claims and Part D prescription drug event data provided under the QE program. Webinar topics include: ResDAC’s role in the DUA process, DUA and data process and timeline, and making changes or updates to the DUA.

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This webinar presents the Qualified Entity (QE) Program’s Medicare data dissemination process for organizations that have been certified as QEs and whose Medicare data requests have been approved. Included are tips for getting started with the Medicare claims and drug event data sets. Key agenda topics covered in this webinar include:
  • Medicare data request and delivery options
  • Review of data file contents
  • How to access files upon delivery
  • Initial file processing
  • Review of important Medicare claims data variables
  • Tips for merging Medicare data with commercial data
  • Technical help resources available to certified QEs
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This webinar addresses the Qualified Entity Certification Program’s Phase 3 requirements and review process. The topics addressed in this webinar are:
  • • Walk-through of the QECP standards for Phase 3 including relevant templates
  • • Expectations for structuring evidence
  • • Sequence of the review process and outcomes
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After an organization is certified as a QE, it may wish to modify some of its processes or systems that were approved based on its QE application. This webinar discusses:
  • Changes that must be reported to the QECP team
  • Timeframes in which these changes must be reported
  • Example documentation that must accompany a reported change
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This webinar explains the minimum requirements for the Qualified Entity Consensus-Based Entity Certification (QE CBEC) program. It also touches on other aspects of the program including ongoing administration and communication channels.

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This webinar provides an overview of the QECP reapplication process, including:
  • Purpose of reapplication
  • Evidence requirements
  • Structure of the reapplication form
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The Annual Report webinar provides high-level information on the 2018 QECP Annual Report process. Topics covered include:
  • Annual Report requirements
  • Annual Report Workbook walk-through
  • Annual Report review process and outcomes
  • Annual Report portal demonstration
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