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QECP Documents

       QECP Documents

    2016 QECP Operations Manual and Appendices

    The QECP Operations Manual contains information on QECP policies and procedures, minimum requirements for becoming a QE, and a paper copy of the QE application.
    QECP Regulations The QE regulations (42 CFR §401.701–401.722) establish the requirements of the QECP and the QE CBEC Program.
    List of QECP Standard Measures The List of QECP Standard Measures contains claims-based measures considered standard under the QE program. These measures are either NQF-endorsed, used by another CMS program, or endorsed by a QE CBE.
    FAQs This file contains all of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) received and answered by the QECP team. This list will be updated as new questions are received.