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    What Are the Requirements to Become a QE CBE?

    • Standard 1: Consensus Body
      • 1A: Convene Consensus Body
      • 1B: Disclose Consensus Body Members and Affiliations
      • 1C: Demonstrate Experience Convening Consensus Body
    • Standard 2: Public Comment on Measures
      • 2A: Solicit Public Comment
      • 2B: Consider Public Comments
    • Standard 3: Evaluation Criteria
      • 3A: Submit Evaluation Criteria
      • 3B: Demonstrate Experience Applying Evaluation Criteria
    • Standard 4: Achieving Consensus
      • Establish Procedure for Achieving Consensus
    • Standard 5: Public Report
      • 5A: Publicly Report Process for Developing and Approving/Endorsing Measures
      • 5B: Publicly Report Evaluation Criteria
      • 5C: Publicly Report Measure Specifications
    • Standard 6: Maintain Measures
      • 6: Maintain and Update Developed and Approved/Endorsed Measures
    • Standard 7: Measure Approval/Endorsement Process
      • 7: Approved/Endorsed Measures Must Undergo Processes Described in Standards 1 Through 6

    How Can Organizations Apply to Become a QE CBE?

    If your organization is interested in becoming a QE CBE, please email the QE CBEC Helpdesk at You will then be assigned a CBEC Program Manager (CBEC PM) who will send you the QE CBEC Application Package and a link to the secure file upload site, along with a unique username and password. Your CBEC PM will work with you and explain the program requirements and the application process.

    If you are interested in more information on becoming a QE CBE, please download the QE CBEC Application Package, which includes:

    • QE CBEC program minimum requirements;
    • Step-by-step instructions for completing an application to become a certified CBE;
    • Application review timeline;
    • Instructions for submitting a completed application and uploading supporting documentation;
    • A PDF-fillable application form.

    In addition, you may wish to watch the QE CBEC Webinar or download the slides